Lean Management Green Belt Training

End of training certification

Training Duration : 3 Days

This training provides all the necessary elements to lead or contribute to an operational excellence team.

It aims to:

  • MASTER the fundamentals of continuous improvement and the theoretical concepts of Lean and DMAIC.
  • DEVELOP your ability to manage and lead value-creating projects.
  • UNDERSTAND the challenges and the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement in your structure.
  • KNOW the different Lean Six Sigma tools and know how to use them wisely and appropriately.
  • BE ABLE to communicate with the internal Lean Six Sigma experts in the company: the Black Belts.

This training is intended for people who are already certified Yellow Belt Lean or equivalent, with a higher education diploma at baccalaureate + 5 level, and/or a first professional experience of 3 years.

  • Quality directors
  • Entity directors
  • Project managers
  • Operational managers

The training focuses on the DMAIC approach.

The participant studies particularly all the following tools and techniques:

Define Phase :

Project Charter, Voice and Customer Requirements (VOC, CTQ), SIPOC, Stakeholder Analysis, Project Scope, and Team Building.

Measure Phase :

Immersion, Process Mapping, Measurements of Outputs (Y’s) and Inputs (X’s), Data Collection, Current State VSM, Introduction to Sampling, Variability, Takt Time, Cycle Time, TRS, Control Charts, and Capability.

Analyze Phase :

Fishbone/Ishikawa Diagram, Spaghetti Diagram, Root Cause Analysis, Basic Graphical Analysis, Waste Analysis, Flow Analysis, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis Techniques, Target VSM, Design of Experiments, and Plan Development of Action.

Implement Phase :

SMED, 5S, Smoothing and Sequencing, Creative Thinking, Priority Matrices, Pilot Projects, Decision Tree, FMEA, and Poka Yoke.

Control Phase :

Process control and management, MSP and Capability, Standardization, Performance management, Intervention planning, and documentation.