End of training certificate

Training Duration : 3 Days

Master how the project manager should communicate with various types of stakeholders: the project team, internal service providers, sponsors, subcontractors, company hierarchy, users, company personnel, business environment.

Learn how to manage communication within the framework of project management through the creation of an effective communication plan for each class of interlocutors, the continuous monitoring of actions and the adaptation of tools and actions accordingly.

Project managers, activity managers, project pilots or assistants, consultants and the PMO.


I. Communicate effectively in a project

  1. Communication issues
  2. Objectives of developing a project communication plan
  3. The place of communication in the project
  4. Communication actors
  5. The choice of the type of communication to set up
  6. Timeline to communicate

II. Method for developing a project communication plan

  1. Presentation of the method for developing the communication plan
  2. Details of the actions to be carried out in each step
  3. Application on a real case

III. Synthesis: developing the communication plan for a project

IV. Conclusion