“CSR” What does It mean?


What is CSR? in this article we will try to answer this question in a brief and easy way.

The environment is more than a science. It has been neglected over the past decades but today it is getting more attention than ever due to the remarkable climate changes, natural diseases and serious damages caused by our daily behaviors. Nature is a variable that needs to be treated more seriously, the thing that made many fields rethink their processes.

In the business world, a new term has broken in, and is getting a lot of interest, “CSR”. This term is an abbreviation for Corporate Social Responsibility. We can define it as a business model that adds a social aspect to the company. It is about thinking of the social and environmental impacts of any decision before moving to implementation. In short, CSR means becoming more socially conscious by taking any ethical action that aims to reduce the negative outcomes on the environment caused by the company.

Despite the importance of CSR, it is not considered as a mandatory business practice. However, it is something extra that smart companies do to stay ahead of their competitors as it creates positive and noble values around their brands and makes them gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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