Benefits of CSR worldwide with Statistics

CSR worldwide

In this article we will walk you through some benefits of CSR worldwide with statistics.

Benefits of CSR for Businesses:

You may wonder what are the benefits of being CSR certified in today’s business world?
Having a CSR certification in your business improves your brand image as it adds noble
values to the company and creates a positive impact on the society. It presents press
opportunities as it is still considered a new concept in many markets in both the developing
and developed world. CSR is a strong competitive advantage, when you have it, you will help increasing the engagement of customers, employees, and stakeholders since people
today are becoming more and more conscious about the environment.

Benefits of CSR for Individuals:

As for individuals, being certified in CSR is a door-opener for many work opportunities in the
biggest companies in your country and abroad. You will have higher chances of being hired
than candidates that are not CSR certified. If you are already an employee, after getting your
certification, you can get promoted to better work positions or get an increase in your salary.
Adding to that, this international certification will ensure your personal growth as it
strengthens your knowledge, widens your skills, and gives you more credibility and reliability.

Statistics related to CSR:

The following are the most important statistics related to CSR certification:

From the customers’ side:

● 76% of consumers would avoid doing business with any organization or company
that doesn’t respect social causes.
● 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services that can bring a
positive change to the community.
● 90% of customers in the world are willing to change their buying behaviors to include
more products and services supporting a good cause.
● 90% of shoppers would trust companies supporting a noble cause more than other
companies. They are even willing to boycott companies engaged in irresponsible
practices damaging the society with 50% of them have already done this at least
once before.
● 91% of people would like to see companies having other goals than just making
● 88% of shoppers would encourage companies with a CSR certification and 84% of
them would recommend these companies to other people.
● 85% of people would create a positive image around companies with a social cause.
● 92% of shoppers would buy from companies CSR certified, even if they don’t know
the company.
● 72% of consumers think that companies causing social and environmental damages
should be penalized by law.

From the employees’ side:

● 70% of graduates would like to work for companies that care about the environment.

● 67% of employees would prefer to work for socially conscious companies. In fact,
50% of employees would leave their jobs to another supporting a cause.
● If the firm has low CSR practices, 67% of graduates won’t take the job.
● 30% of workers would be more motivated to work in companies with good CSR practices which will help make more revenue.

Now that you have read this article, you can make sure that the benefits of being socially
responsible are enormous on both the personal and professional level. If you want to learn
more about CSR and get your international certification, you can contact us to join our

Source of data: Nicola Telford – Views For Change.

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